"Wear handloom Fabric with pride"

Pre Forecast for International Market : Spring Summer 2010

Characteristics :

Economic slowdown has paved the way for more inspirational and innovative collections to excite customers and ignite their enthusiasm.

Global warming and conservation of nature influence trend and colors, demanding usage of natural fibres and natural dyes.
Innovative use of natural, recycled and eco-friendly materials inspire the season.
Handcrafted look reflects new trend of more casual and less glamorous life.
Along with natural fabrics like silk and linen, use of transparent and translucent fabrics is also visible.
Back to simple forms and inspiration from nature in search of calmness and serenity.
Admiration and appreciation for our traditional world, with its special characteristics and cultural values.

Design is often inspired by vintage look, redefining sophistication and elegance.

Prints range from oversized tropical flora fauna, complicated celtic inspired, bold geometrical blocks to elaborate organic botanical plants.

Textiles showcase concept of layering and creating unexpected dimensions to underline mystery, while some display delicate and modern use of lace to mark sensuality.
Silhouettes range from less-detailed simple forms to modern complicated look.

Dynamic and vibrant motifs, characterized by unusual repeats and eccentric use of accent color often add a touch of humour.

Colors :
Vibrant and Grounded hues for the stability in times of economic recession.
Fresh and Calm Tones for peace of mind.
Modest Brown, Olive Green and shades of bronzed chocolates for adding natural appeal.
Handcrafted look reflects new trend of more casual and less glamorous life.
Shades of pink and yellow to suntanned neutral and lemon color, bringing in versatility.
Deep Purple, pulpy muddled black, pale lilac and peach often create mystery.
Tonal mixtures of ruby, maroon, coral and red are also visible.